(NEW PRODUCT)UYEKI Super Orange Cleaning Detergent


UYEKI Super Orange Cleaning Detergent

UYEKI Super Orange is a versatile powerful cleaning detergent. It removes any kind of stains anywhere in the house.

Made from orange and palm oil, UYEKI Super Orange is 99 percent biodegradable, safe for human and the environments. You can dilute UYEKI Super Orange Detergent with water. 50 times water diluted UYEKI Super Orange can work on most difficult grease stain, even 200 times diluted solution can do most cleaning in the house.

You get a pleasant nice fragrance of the fruity orange scent.

UYEKI Super Orange is friendly to the skin.

You can order your UYEKI Super Orange versatile cleaning detergent from Proyder Pte Ltd @ www.proyder.com

480ml Per Bottle 

Country Of Origin : Japan