Premium Hip-Up Style Pad

  • Premium Hip-Up Style Pad
  • Premium Hip-Up Style Pad
  • Premium Hip-Up Style Pad

The Premium Hip-Up Style Pad is uniquely shaped.  The front part of the pad is thinner than the back, thus preventing hunching and promotes good posture.

Due to the highly elastic nature of the Mogu Spandex material and fluidity of the Mogu Beads, it is highly elastic and expandable to take both light and heavy weights whilst still providing maximum support with superior comfort.

By pulling on the sides while seated, the elasticity of the pad means it can be stretched up to 45cm and will conform to the shape of your buttocks.

It is highly recommended for office workers or for anyone suffering from shoulder and back pains due to extended periods of time spent sitting.

The Mogu Premium Hip-Up Style Pad is one of the most versatile Mogu products ever but still manages to perform each of its functions superbly. 

It can be used as a pillow, backrest or head-rest in a car or airplane.

Please see pictures for illustrations of its uses.

26 × 18 × 9|3cm

Outside Cover: 85% nylon, 15% polyurethane
Inside: Powder Beads 1mm in size (polystyrene)

Made in Japan