Portable Neck Pillow

  • Portable Neck Pillow
  • Portable Neck Pillow
  • Portable Neck Pillow
  • Portable Neck Pillow

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The Mogu Portable Neck Pillow’s powder beads provide gentle and comfortable support during long distance travel.

The Mogu Portable Neck Pillow is different from other neck pillows solely because it contains Mogu Powder Beads.

As with other Mogu products, the extreme fluidity and fluffiness of these nano-sized powder beads provide just the right support to your head and neck at the gentlest levels.

In addition, instead of a one size-fits-all design, the Mogu Portable Neck Pillow comes with an adjustment cord so that you can adjust the width of the hole to fit your comfort levels. It also allows some ventilation as conventional neck pillows tend to retain heat around your neck and is often uncomfortable.

If you frequently travel long-haul, try the Mogu neck pillow. Your investment will be worth it for the next level of comfort you will enjoy on your next long distance flight.

It can also double as a back support.

Please see the illustration for more details.

30cm X 28cm, 210g

Outside Cover: 85% nylon, 15% polyurethane
Inside: Powder Beads 1mm in size (polystyrene)

Made in Japan

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