Metal Mogu Pillow

  • Metal Mogu Pillow
  • Metal Mogu Pillow
  • Metal Mogu Pillow
  • Metal Mogu Pillow
  • Metal Mogu Pillow

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What is Metal MOGU?
• Keep comfortable temperature
• Soft texture
• Prevents static

The Metal Mogu Pillow has a special cover coated with Titanium (!) which disperses heat and is anti-static.

This keeps a comfortable temperature when you sleep and although it doesn’t sound like it, the cover is actually of a very soft texture that is extremely comfortable to your touch.
The heat diffusion properties of the Metal Mogu actually keeps the pillow about 2 to 3 degrees Celsius below your body temperature.

Other features include :                                                                      Better Quality of Sleep : allows sleep support for the neck.                  Spandex cloth that does not stretch side to side .

In addition, the anti-sweat Mogu Spandex (used also by Japan’s National Soccer Team in their jerseys), disperses moisture and keeps your head dry while you sleep, even in warm temperatures.

The Titanium with Mogu Spandex combination is a potent recipe for extreme relaxation to give you a good night’s rest every night, especially useful for those who tend to sweat while asleep, especially around the head.  (This is quite common among children.)

The Metal Mogu Pillow is a real Godsend for those who tend to feel warm and uncomfortable while asleep at night.

40 × 60 × H9cm

Made in Japan