Support Hole Pillow

  • Support Hole Pillow
  • Support Hole Pillow
  • Support Hole Pillow
  • Support Hole Pillow
  • Support Hole Pillow
  • Support Hole Pillow

Mogu hole pillows are filled with microbeads and covered with special material to give you a very comfortable feeling of touch.

This is the flagship product of the Mogu series and is the number 1 selling Mogu pillow every year without fail.

The shape of the pillow is very interesting. There is a hole with a gentle slope leading toward the middle of the pillow designed to hold the head.

Filled with Mogu’s trademarked Microbeads, its shape makes it a very versatile and comfortable pillow you can use as support under your head, hips or back. The pillow remains comfortable and supportive in all positions.

For example, you can rest with your face on the pillow and still be able to breathe because of the hole. If your head is facing upwards, then the hole perfectly supports the back of the head and the neck.

Great for power naps in the office! Great for a good sleep at home too!

Can also be used as support for your buttocks while seated on the floor or chair.

The Mogu Hole Pillow can be used:
As a nap pillow
As a prone pillow
As a headrest
As a cushion

35cm x 28cm x H 14cm, 350grams

Outside cover: 82% Nylon, 18% Polyurethane
Inside: Powder Beads 1mm in size (Polystyrene)

Made in Japan

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“The Mogu pillows are much softer than off brands. I also gave one to a friend who had breast cancer surgery and she thinks EVERYONE who has this surgery needs one of these pillows for pure comfort cushioning following surgery. It really helped her sleep comfortably with it tucked under her arm.” 

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