Air Kaol Daddy Boy Face Towel 32 x 85cm (White)

  • Air Kaol Daddy Boy Face Towel 32 x 85cm (White)
  • Air Kaol Daddy Boy Face Towel 32 x 85cm (White)

The Air Kaol organic cotton towel is more fluffier and offer a feeling of easy soft luxurious comfort.The Air Kaol speciality towel is made from handpicked cotton grown in organic farm. Using inhouse developed yarn twisting process, the Air Kaol towel finishing is strong and durable with even out upright standing solid cotton fibre.

The Air Kaol special features include

  • Excellent rapid water absorbing capability. Water gets firmly absorbed.
  • Despite its ability to absorb water rapidly, the towel dries quickly so maintenance is a breeze. The weight remain light, the volume is not bulky, so it is easier to carry around.
  • After it is laundered, the towel maintains its fluffy texture. As it is quick drying, indoor rack drying after laundry is fine.
  • Washing burden rate is cut by half, saving energy and good for the environment.
  • The fibre stand straight up allowing the surface to slide along the skin instead of sticking.Thin cotton fibre makes the towel soft and gentle, suitable for baby skin. This is also perfect for women skin. Since it absorbs water rapidly and has high water absorption capacity, it is perfect for drying long wet hair. The towel can be coiled up around the head.
  • Despite the fluffier surface, the long organic cotton fibre means less lint is created and the towel can last longer. Even after washing the towel retains its fluffy texture.


The Air Kaol speciality towel gives you a comfortable clean drying feeling at it dries you from head to toe.

You can order your Air Kaol speciality towel from Proyder Pte Ltd @

Country Of Origin : Japan

Material : 100% Cotton