Premium Hole Cushion

  • Premium Hole Cushion
  • Premium Hole Cushion
  • Premium Hole Cushion
  • Premium Hole Cushion
  • Premium Hole Cushion

Mogu Premium Hole Cushions are filled with microbeads and covered with special material to give you a very comfortable feeling of touch.

One of the top sellers of the Mogu brand, the Hole Cushion comprises a hole just off-center of the cushion which balances the pressure on your hips and back. With Mogu, it’s always about customizing for the different shapes of the various parts of your body to maximize your comfort.

In addition, the slope of the hole is made at an angle of 8 degrees in order to make sure you sit with good posture. It might look like a simple floor cushion with a hole in the middle but it’s in fact, inherently made with painstaking consideration for details in true Japanese style.

As always, Mogu pillows are filled with their remarkably fluid powder beads and covered in spandex material that stretches to give you the softest and smoothest touch. And of course, like most other Mogu pillows, you can use it in multiple ways.

You can use the Mogu Hold Cushion as a cushion to sit on, a pillow and also a back supporter. Please see the images and illustrations on how to.

36cm in diameter ×H 15cm/7cm, 400 grams

Outside Cover: 90% Polyester, 10% polyurethane 
Inside: Powder Beads 1mm in size (polystyrene)

 Made in Japan